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Mike Flam Business-Fotograf


Mike Flam Business-Photographer Zurich

Home. Culture.

Born and raised in Germany, with Croatian roots, I have found my home in Zurich. During my studies of computer science, I traveled a lot and already then I photographed passionately. People fascinate me with their different views and cultures.
That is why people and their personality are the main theme of my photography. And since I was working in the corporate environment for years, business photography is my specialty.

Privately (whatever that might means as a self-employed …) I enjoy sports and relaxing times, meditation and Yoga in the morning. Interested in art, culture, languages and ways of life.

Naturally. Authentic.

In the photographic assignments and in my own projects I put the natural and authenticity in the foreground. It is particularly important to me to capture emotions and character of the people.

Creative. Constructively.

Before the shooting takes place, we agree on the what and how – that creates a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to a good relationship, a clear idea, a keen sense and patience for the right moment to arise, those photos are what photography makes it so fascinating for me – and hopefully for you.


I support the children’s organisation Sternschnuppe with photos.
Approximately once a month I conduct a photo tour in Zurich for those, who are interested. (Currently on hold)
And since 2014 the Fotomarathon Zürich (in German) takes place. I am co-founder.