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Picture And Quote -19-


The first time I used this quote by Laozi “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” was in 1995. It was in the foreword of my diploma thesis. I took the step into the world of french. I went to France to experience the life there and at the same time do something for my career and finish my studies.
Because it was a long way, I put this quote into the final chapter of that part of my life.The original quote is “A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s feet.”.

Yet, I like the version I used far better, since it already involves a step. What do you think?

The picture chosen to go with it I took in Chile in 2001 during my travels through South America. It shows Llanquihue Lake with Osorno Volcano (Volcan Osorno) behind it. This is the area around Puerto Varas. I loved the serenity and vastness of Patagonia and later Fireland. In South America I took quite a few steps.

And that is what I remembered during the last week, when the quote came up in Social Media several times.


Mike is a Business-Photographer based in Zürich, specialised in Business-Events and Business-Portraits. Interested in art, culture, people and way of life. Organiser of phototours.

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