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Picture And Quote -20-


Simplicity has been part of my life as long as I can remember. I only realised a couple of years ago that I do it in some parts and in others it would really help me.
Last week I talked about my plunge into French, which was hard at the time. Yet, this was the simplest thing for me to get the diploma thesis written. Going somewhere with that as the only purpose.
Another example is finding the best camera bag or the ideal camera equipment. I guess, this is something every photographer knows what I am talking about.
A lot of trying and buying and then not getting rid of it immediately. Hence a heap of stuff, that I recognise as not serving me and some too expensive to just throw away.
And this is what I have been doing consciously the past two years, getting rid of stuff. Unburden myself. And I do feel lighter with every single thing that leaves me.

Also when dealing with clients, my intention is to be as simple or as easy as possible. At the same time staying true to myself. I am learning every day.

I took the photo in 2006 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. It reflects my change into a so called simpler form of taking photos: digital cameras. I still had some older film cameras, that I did not want to let go. After taking actual photos while on a trip (here a Rollei 35s), I recognised, that digital is my way. For me this is much simpler – no film development nor scanning and they are there…

More and more I am able and want to practice: Use it or loose it!


Mike is a Business-Photographer based in Zürich, specialised in Business-Events and Business-Portraits. Interested in art, culture, people and way of life. Organiser of phototours.

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